can be installed on timber and steel joist types

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SUPAFLOOR Panel Installation Guide

To be read in conjunction with the Supaboard Flooring System Brochure and Installation Guide. Details given below are given as a guide for intended applications.

Product Range Supafloor Panels are available in the standard size is 2400mm x 1200mm and 2700mm x 1200mm. Other sizes available on special order 2700mm x 900mm, and 3000mm x 900mm. Standard Panel thickness is 53mm. Greater thickness to meet specific thermal requirements is available on order.

Joist Types

Supafloor panels can be installed on timber and steel joist types with a maximum span up to 600mm as specified by the Structural Engineer.


The complete floor should be sealed with SupaPrime or Dulux Green Render Sealer as soon as possible after installation. If the floor becomes wet from rain, allow to dry before sealing. Once the flooring is sealed it can be exposed to weather for up to 3 months. Any type of final floor surface can be laid onto Supafloor panel, including carpet, tiles, solid timber and timber laminate finishes.

Download your PDF copy of the complete SUPAFLOOR Panel Installation Manual