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SUPABOARD Fire Resistance

In Australia we are all well aware of the threat of bush fires. Regrettably, there have been many tragic events throughout Australia that have claimed the lives of dozens of people and caused widespread damage to homes and property. It is now well known that the heat intensity in a fire storm can reach as much as 1200°C. In these intense conditions, timber ignites around 220°C and 280°C, steel starts to warp around 500°C and bricks and mortar can explode and collapse.

SUPABOARD is bush fire resistant and is classified as non-combustible. This makes the product suitable for use on external walls, eaves and flooring joists in BAL 29 and 40 FZ zones. The bushfire Standard (AS3959) defines ‘combustible’ as determined by Australian Standards 1530.1. SUPABOARD has been tested and is certified to comply with AS1530.1 as being non-combustible.

It is worth thinking about the use of Supaboard when building in Bush fire prone areas.
Fire Test results for SUPABOARD (Download PDFs)
01 AS1530-1 Fire Test <1 MB
02 AWTA AS 1530.3 Results <1 MB
03 AWTA AS 3837 Results <1 MB
04 Sound Test for Supaboard 13mm 1+1 Dual Stud <1 MB
05 Sound Test for Supaboard 13mm 1+2 Dual Stud <1 MB
06 Supaboard review BAL zones.pdf <1 MB