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SUPABOARD SIPS Installation Guide

The below information and details are provided merely as a guide for intended applications.

Product Range and Details SUPABOARD thickness: 4.5mm, 6mm and 10mm are standard [3mm up to 25mm available on request] Panel thickness is usually anywhere between 50mm up to 300mm Panel dimensions: 900mm (W) x 1200mm (W); 2400mm (L); 2700mm & 3000mm as standard. SUPABOARD can be ordered to specific sizes on request (max. length 3000mm).


SUPABOARD can be cut very easily with a carbide tip knife or any timber cutting tools, however if cutting a lot of material we recommend diamond cutting tools. Finer cuts are achieved by using power tools such as a circular saw, jig saw, bench top saw etc. Service holes may be created by using drills, hole saws or jig saws.

NB: Please observe Occupation Health and Safety Practises as dust will result from mechanical cutting.


SUPABOARD is an excellent wet area lining material and suitable for direct tiling. SUPABOARD can be butt joined the sealed with Glo mastic or Bostic seal & flex polyurethane mastic. Use Supaprime before applying the tile adhesive system of your choice. Keep in mind that wet areas require waterproofing to the BCA requirements. Where no tiling is required follow the wall lining installation as a flushed system.


SUPABOARD should be installed individually and with minimal tolerances to prevent problems associated with movement. Keep sheeting 6mm away from the floor and ceiling to allow for any thermal movement. For the best results secure the SUPABOARD sheeting with mechanical fixings see table, ensuring that the screws don’t over-spin make sure tension is adjusted on power tools. When using Fibre Zips self-embedding screws ensure that they are not more than 2mm below the surface of the SUPABOARD, kept no less than 20 mm away from the sheet edge and 45 mm away from the corners of the board.


SUPABOARD can be finished in a variety of ways including painting, wall paper and tiles or as required.

Note: For wet areas, the water proofing requirement of all relevant codes, standards and regulations must be met.

Water proofing membranes must be installed to the manufactures specifications and application methods must be consulted and complied with.

SUPABOARD has a smooth face on one side and a machined face on the other side, the board can be used either way exposed to the elements. HS Supaboard has a minimum of 3 layers of fiberglass mesh throughout the board; this gives the SUPABOARD very high impact strength. The smooth face gives you a great surface to finish with flat acrylic paints to the desired finish; prep work is kept to a minimum before applying our recommended DuSpec coating system as a final color finish.

We recommend sealing the board with the specified priming systems as soon as possible. The board must be dry before sealing.

  • Once SUPABOARD has been fixed to the frame allowing 3mm screw depth below the board surface
  • Dust off the Supaboard and any loose material around screw heads
  • Fill screw heads with 2 coats of Dulux Acrapatch Fine + 5% cement
  • Sand back to a smooth finish
  • Apply another coat as a top coat if required then sand back smooth for flat paint finishes.

If texturing, there is no need to top coat as the previous step, simply apply Supatexprime or Dulux TXT primer, see DuSpec Express jointed system.

  • Apply a roll on texture or trowel on finish, see DuSpec
  • Apply top coat

We have worked with companies to develop special primer systems that will give a texture finish for applying trowel on finishes in 4 steps including top coat. Please refer to the SUPABOARD finishing section.

It is advised that a minimum of 6 mm SUPABOARD thickness on a panel system for tiling areas. Support angles maybe required to support tiled areas and the overall wall mass and stability may need to be considered. Brand named paints usually give better results. Always follow the paint manufacturer's recommendations for paint suitability, mixing instructions and application.

Note: SUPABOARD must be primed with approved Primers. Use "Supaprime" for flat wall finishes and refer to DuSpec for texture finishes.

Conditions of Warranty

BuilditEco warrants that the product shall be free from manufacturer’s defects and shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Whilst the information contained in this document is based on data which to the best of our knowledge was accurate and reliable at the time of preparation, no responsibility can be accepted by us for errors and omissions. The provisions in this information should not be construed as a recommendation to use any of our products in violation of any patent rights or in breach of any statute or regulation. BuilditEco makes no representations towards the suitability of the product for the customer’s requirements. Users are advised to make their own determination as to the suitability of this information in relation to their particular purpose and specific circumstances. Since the information contained in this document may be applied under conditions beyond our control, no responsibility can be accepted by us for any loss or damage caused by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of this information.

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