can be cut easily with a power saw

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SUPABOARD Facade Installation Guide

Supaboard Installation to Knauf metal Façade System Installation guide to be read in conjunction with Knauf metal Façade System Technical Manual.

Please note that this is a general publication covering many sheet finishes. Supaboard does not require pre-drilling where this is called for in the Peer Industries Manual.

Supaboard is used as an alternative to Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting (CFC), boards can be cut into almost any size to create many different patterns and combinations, and there are also some advantages that can reduce onsite labor.

  • Pre-drilling is not required with Supaboard.
  • Vertical walls Screw spacing’s for Non- Cyclonic 300mm centers.
  • Ceiling application Screw spacing’s for Non-Cyclonic 250mm centers.
  • Stainless steel screws ensuring no potential rust problems.
  • Replace 2pack fillers with Dulux Acrapatch Fine for easy use.
  • Supaboard is 25% lighter compared to CFC.
  • Screws counter sink easily into HS Supaboard (recommend 35mm from edge of Supaboard)
  • Thickness 10mm standard, other thicknesses on request.
  • No need to treat board edges when cut.
Finishing Supaboard

Supaboard has a smooth face on one side and a machined face on the other side, the board can be used either way exposed to the elements. HS Supaboard has a minimum of 3 layers of fiberglass mesh throughout the board; this gives the Supaboard very high impact strength. The smooth face gives you a great surface to finish with flat acrylic paints to the desired finish; prep work is kept to a minimum before applying our recommended DuSpec coating system as a final color finish. We recommend sealing the board with the specified priming systems as soon as possible. The board must be dry before sealing.

Once Supaboard has been fixed to the frame allowing 3mm screw depth below the board surface, seal in the joints as specified in the Peer Façade system manual.

  • Dust off the Supaboard and any loose material around screw heads.
  • Fill screw heads with 2 coats of Dulux Acrapatch Fine + 5% cement
  • Sand back to a smooth finish
  • Apply another coat as a top coat if required then sand back smooth for flat paint finishes
  • If texturing, there is no need to top coat as the previous step, simply apply Supatexprime or Dulux TXT primer, see DuSpec Express jointed system at
  • Apply a roll on texture or trowel on finish, see DuSpec
  • Apply top coat

We have worked with companies to develop special primer systems that will give a texture finish for applying trowel on finishes in 4 steps including top coat. Please refer to the Supaboard finishing section on our website.

Cutting Supaboard

Supaboard can be cut easily with a power saw using a tungsten blade; however diamond blades will last much longer and give finer and sharper edges. It is important that the board is cut with the blade teeth cutting through the smooth face of the board, in most cases have the smooth side of the board facing down when cutting with a power saw. Finer cuts and service holes are achieved by using power tools such as, jig saw, hole saw, bench top saws also can be used.

Please observe Occupation Health and Safety Practices as dust will result from mechanical cutting, always cut in well ventilated areas.

Movement/Control Joints

Control joints will be necessary in most construction systems, please refer to the Knauf metal Façade systems manual for details on page 17. We recommend that a backing rod is used where you have an expansion or control joint.

Storage of Supaboard

Supaboard will need to be stored in a dry place before installation; however the board is highly moisture resistant and will retain almost all its strength when wet. If the board does get moisture affected from rain or accidental spillage, adhesive may not stick to the board while there is moisture present, simply allow the board to dry out, it will fully restore without any adverse effects.

Conditions of Warranty

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