Accessories & Tools


# Accessory Description
01 Buildex Galvanized Minimum Self-drilling screws class 3 8/35mm CSK Ribbed selfembedding head Climacoat 3
02 Sika Foam Backer rod Backer rod for expansion joints
03 Soudal SMX35 For use as adhesive to frame and expansion joints
04 Soudal SMX35 For sealing negative detail joints
05 Dulux See DuSpec on our website. Paint and coating systems for negative detail joint system.
06 Dulux Acrapatch fine For filling screw heads and top coat
07 Supaprime or Dulux To seal and prime, vertical surfaces, prior to two finishing coats.
08 Supatexprime Priming for texture finish

Tools Required

# Tool Description
01 Level/Straight Edge For checking the levels and ensuring straightness of joist frame
02 Power Drill For screw fixing Supaboard to steel frame
03 Barrel gun or chalking Gun For application of adhesive Sealant
04 Diamond tip Power Saw For cutting the boards
05 Chalk line Marking frames
06 Brush For cleaning surface of edges of board
07 Tin Snips Cutting negative detail strips
08 Spatula Filling Screw holes