Accessories & Tools


# Accessory Description
01 Countersunk Fasteners Nails Galvanized Class 3 50mm self-drilling screws. Min 8 gauge.
02 Backing Rod Backing to Sealant in movement Joints
03 Spatula For applying Polyurethane Adhesive
04 Supaprime (available from BuildItEco or Choice Building Products) To seal and prime, Finishing Floor surface
05 Polyurethane Bostik Seal N Flex FC For use as Adhesive and Expansion joints

Tools Required

# Tool Description
01 Level/Straight Edge For checking the levels and ensuring straightness of joist frame
02 Power Drill For screw fixing floor boards to joist frame
03 Barrel gun or chalking Gun For application of adhesive Sealant
04 Diamond tip Power Saw For cutting the boards
05 Brush For cleaning surface of edges of board